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Glendale CO Bathroom Remodeling


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Glendale CO Bathroom Remodeling

Glendale CO Bathroom Remodel

At Next Home Improvements, we are highly experienced in a broad variety of Glendale CO bathroom remodeling projects. Starting from a speedy new look with a new bathtub, or going as far as a more complex bathroom remodeling vision, we deliver your project with years of experience.

Ready to remodel? Here is a brief list of the Glendale CO bathroom remodeling services that we provide:

  • Replacement bathtubs installed by true experts
  • Replacement showers with plenty of customization options
  • Combination bath and shower installation
  • Tub-to-shower & shower-to-tub conversions
  • Walk-in bathtub installation
  • Installation of shower enclosures, shower liners, and shower surrounds
  • Installation of bathtub liners and bath surrounds

Plus, personalized bathroom remodeling services! Just ask and we will create a bathroom remodeling road map.

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The Best Glendale CO Bathroom Remodeler

You look out for these important qualities when getting started to opt for a Glendale CO bathroom remodeler:

  • Trusted Partners: Our crew of bathroom remodeling professionals produces precisely what we promise
  • Tested and dependable: Complete your bathroom remodeling upgrades ahead of schedule and under budget
  • Many years of experience: All things considered, you can depend on us to finish your bathroom remodeling right. There will be no leaks, no delays, and no bath we can’t masterfully complete!
  • Integrity in all things: We are completely committed to offering you bathroom remodeling services that match your goals and budget, at the most attractive price available

After you partner with a team of bathroom remodeling professionals like our staff at Next Home Improvements, you can confidently know that your home is expertly cared for and that you will get exactly the bathroom you envisioned!

Glendale CO Bathtub Replacement and Showers

The good news is, that you have a variety of options when it comes to Glendale CO replacement bathtubs and replacement showers. Our team of bathroom remodelers here at Next Home Improvements has years of experience replacing, remodeling, and installing bathtubs across the Glendale CO area and surrounding towns! We can certainly help you install any of this list of options:

  • Combination bathtub and showers
  • One-day bathtubs, otherwise known as bath liners
  • Professional grade replacement bathtubs
  • High-grade replacement showers, with both glass enclosures or open units on demand 
  • Walk-in showers
  • ADA-accessible walk-in baths

How Our Team Installs Your Glendale CO Replacement Bathtub

We prioritize clear messages at every step of our bathroom remodels. Here is what you should expect, at each step of the process:

  • No pressure bath remodeling project consultation
  • Straightforward price estimate
  • Put your project on the calendar
  • Installation and the “Wow” factor

Why Pick Next Home Improvements for Your Bathroom Remodeling Improvements?

You can have faith in our local bathroom remodeling team to skillfully deliver your project with a unique and personalized touch that is an exact match for your vision. We are nearby right here in Glendale CO, with many years of experience delivering effortless replacement bath projects in the area. It’d be our honest pleasure to listen to your ideas about your vision for your project and help you!

Touch base at 303-578-7000 for excellent Glendale CO bath remodeling for your home!

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M. Noorzai★★★★★
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"Next did a great job for us-we are very happy with the finished work! Jason has a low key, work-with-the-client approach wich made everything easy and enjoyable. For a reasonable price he produced a high quality results. He worked with us as we made some changes during the shower remodeling to satisfy our requests. The final bill was accurate, unlike some other contractors who surprise you with extra charges at the end. We are happy to recommend their work- good people to work with!"
B. Martinez★★★★★
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“I Hired Next Home improvement to do my shower remodel. I was very pleased with the design consultant Randy. He was very professional and knowledgeable in design. He took my ideas and turned them into my dream shower. Their exclusive products are unbelievable. The installers were courteous and efficient. I had my shower completed in two days!! I would recommend Next Home Improvements to anyone who wants a shower makeover!"
M. Kirschler★★★★★
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“It was a pleasure working with Next home improvements. The design consultant John was very helpful and professional during our bathroom remodel. I will be calling them again for our next two bathroom remodeling projects. Thanks again next home improvements."

$1,499 OFF Your Project!

By clicking "Get Free Quote", you consent to receive calls and text messages from NEXT Home Improvements to the phone number provided for informational and/or marketing purposes. I understand I can always call 303-578-7000 instead.

Bathroom Remodel in Glendale CO: Trusted Contractors and Design Ideas

In Glendale, CO, one of the go-to sources for reliable bathroom renovations is Next Home Improvements. Known for their commitment to top-notch craftsmanship and use of quality products, they are highly recommended by locals. Surprisingly, a bathroom remodel isn’t just about changing your tiles or painting your walls; it involves precise planning and decision making on materials, labor costs, and potential structure adjustments. Getting quotes from reliable companies like Next Home Improvements will clarify your idea of cost, while also offering stylish design suggestions. Now let’s talk about pinpointing those costs.

A professional bathroom remodel in Glendale, CO can enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and value of your home. It allows you to customize the space to fit your preferences and lifestyle while also addressing any existing issues such as outdated fixtures or inefficient layouts.

Trusted Contractors for Bathroom Remodeling in Glendale, CO

Finding trustworthy contractors for your bathroom remodel can be daunting, but having a reputable and reliable team on your side can make all the difference. Next Home Improvements is a highly regarded contractor specializing in bathroom remodeling. With a solid track record of successful projects and positive customer testimonials, they have cemented their position as one of the most trusted names in Glendale, CO for home improvement.

One of the reasons homeowners turn to Next Home Improvements is their extensive expertise in bathroom remodeling. Their team consists of experienced installers who undergo continual training to ensure top-notch workmanship and efficient remodeling processes. This commitment to ongoing education and skill refinement sets them apart from other local contractors, ensuring that every project is executed with precision and care.

Moreover, Next Home Improvements’ dedication to quality craftsmanship shines through each project they undertake. They take pride in providing world-class customer experiences, prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. This dedication is evident in their meticulous attention to detail and the superior quality of their work. From concept to completion, the team at Next Home Improvements is dedicated to helping homeowners achieve their dream bathrooms by offering top-notch design and installation services while exceeding industry standards.

Customer satisfaction is paramount for Next Home Improvements. They have received glowing 5-star reviews from satisfied customers who acknowledge not only the professionalism of the staff but also the efficient work that was carried out. In particular, customers have highlighted the expertise of specific staff members such as Caleb, Denny Ying, Jose Torres, Antonio Horton, and Jesus, emphasizing their deep knowledge and meticulous workmanship.

Some might argue that finding such reliable contractors can be challenging, but for those who choose Next Home Improvements for their bathroom remodeling project, the critical aspect of trust is never in question.

As we switch gears from understanding the trustworthiness of contractors to evaluating the costs involved, let’s delve into estimating the expenses for a bathroom remodel in Glendale.

Estimating the Cost of Bathroom Remodel in Glendale

When considering a bathroom remodel, it’s essential to be mindful of the various factors that impact the overall cost. The size and scope of the project, material and hardware choices, and labor costs all play pivotal roles in determining the expenses. For instance, larger bathrooms typically require more materials and labor, thereby increasing the total expense.

Material and hardware choices significantly contribute to the cost estimation. Opting for high-end fixtures or luxury surfaces such as marble and quartz will inevitably escalate the budget. Furthermore, skilled labor plays a crucial role, often coming at a premium. Structural changes required for layout adjustments or new features can also notably impact expenses.

If you want to expand your shower area or rearrange plumbing fixtures, these alterations generally require specialized skills and may involve additional costs. It’s vital to consider these potential changes during the planning phase. On average, a bathroom remodel in Glendale, CO ranges between $10,000 to $25,000. However, these figures can vary depending on the factors mentioned earlier. The best way to get an accurate estimation is by requesting quotes from reputable contractors like Next Home Improvements who can assess your specific requirements and provide a clearer picture of the costs involved.

Understanding these key elements will help you plan your bathroom remodel effectively and make informed decisions about your budget and design choices.

Principals of Bathroom Design for Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling can transform a space into a refreshing oasis. When thinking about bathroom design, it’s easy to get lost in the stunning visuals and luxurious fixtures. But it’s crucial to balance aesthetics with functionality and comfort. A well-designed bathroom should not only look great but also make your life easier. Let’s explore some key principles that can elevate your bathroom remodel.

One of the most important principles is optimizing the layout of your bathroom. The layout should facilitate ease of movement and accessibility to different amenities, ensuring that every square inch is smartly utilized.

Effective lighting is another crucial aspect of bathroom design. A blend of ambient, task, and accent lighting creates a welcoming and functional space.

Moreover, incorporating ample storage solutions is vital for maintaining a clutter-free environment.

When it comes to materials, selecting durable and low-maintenance options can save you time and money in the long run.

“Elements such as layout optimization, proper lighting, effective storage solutions, and durable, low-maintenance materials are key principles to consider.”

Next Home Improvements understands that every homeowner has unique needs and preferences when it comes to their bathrooms. With their custom design services, they can assist you in aligning your vision with these fundamental principles.

By meticulously considering these principles and with the guidance of experienced professionals, homeowners in Glendale can achieve a well-designed bathroom that meets their specific needs while promoting functionality, aesthetics, and comfort.

Popular Choices for Bathroom Remodeling Hardware

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, every homeowner desires a space that’s functional, stylish, and comfortable. The hardware and fixtures you choose play a significant role in achieving this. Let’s explore some of the most popular choices that seamlessly blend style and functionality.


Faucets are more than just a plumbing necessity; they can be a stunning statement piece in your bathroom. Sleek, water-efficient faucets offer both style and practicality, helping to conserve water without compromising on performance. Consider options with modern designs and finishes that complement your overall bathroom aesthetic.


Luxurious rain showerheads have become a popular choice among homeowners for their revitalizing and spa-like experience. These larger, ceiling-mounted showerheads provide a gentle, cascading flow of water, adding an element of luxury to your daily routine. With features like adjustable spray settings, they offer a customizable bathing experience.


Modern vanities not only optimize space but also showcase contemporary design elements. They come in various styles, ranging from floating vanities that create an illusion of space to wall-mounted models that offer clean lines. Choose vanities with ample storage solutions to keep your bathroom clutter-free.


Elegant and durable flooring is an essential choice for any bathroom remodel. Homeowners in Glendale, CO often opt for timeless materials like ceramic or porcelain tile for their durability and low maintenance. Additionally, luxury vinyl planks are gaining popularity for their water resistance and versatility in mimicking natural materials like wood or stone.

Lighting Fixtures

The right lighting fixtures can transform the ambiance of your bathroom. Recessed lighting provides a modern and streamlined look, while pendant lights above vanities add a touch of sophistication. It’s essential to consider both functional task lighting and ambient lighting to create an inviting atmosphere.


In addition to fixtures, accessories like towel racks, toilet paper holders, and robe hooks contribute to the overall cohesiveness of the design. Opt for high-quality accessories with finishes that complement other hardware choices in your bathroom.

Each element plays an indispensable role in elevating the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom remodel, combining practicality with elegance to create a harmonious space tailored to your preferences.

Finalizing your Bathroom Remodel Design

As you reach the final stages of your bathroom remodel, it’s crucial to pay attention to the details to bring your vision to life. Every decision, from the materials and colors you choose to the placement of fixtures and adjustments to the layout, plays a pivotal role in achieving the desired result. It’s like putting together a puzzle—all the pieces have to fit just right. That’s where expert guidance comes in handy.

Imagine working with a team of professionals who can take your ideas and turn them into a beautiful, functional bathroom design. With custom design services offered by Next Home Improvements in Glendale, homeowners can benefit from expert advice and assistance throughout the design finalization process. Their team has the knowledge and experience to help you make informed choices that align perfectly with your vision and budget.

The selection of materials is an essential part of finalizing your bathroom remodel design. Whether you opt for elegant porcelain tiles or the timeless appeal of natural stone, each material brings its own character and practical considerations to the table. The color palette also plays a significant role in setting the tone for your renovated space. Carefully chosen colors can create a sense of calm or add a vibrant touch, depending on your preferences.

Seeking professional insight during this stage can be invaluable since experienced designers understand how different materials and colors work together and can offer suggestions that you may not have considered.

Additionally, fixture placement is another crucial aspect that influences both aesthetics and functionality. Imagine stepping into your freshly remodeled bathroom and realizing that the shower head is just a little too low or that the vanity lighting isn’t quite right. These are the details that expert designers pay close attention to when finalizing the layout of your bathroom.

With Next Home Improvements’ guidance, these critical decisions become more manageable and less overwhelming. Professional designers can provide detailed insights into layout adjustments that optimize both space and convenience, ensuring that every element seamlessly integrates into the overall design.

By leveraging custom design services, homeowners gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise tailored to their specific needs and preferences. With careful planning and attention to detail, your bathroom remodel design will soon come together beautifully, reflecting your unique style and enhancing the functionality of the space.

Essential Tips for a Successful Bathroom Remodel Project

Planning for a bathroom remodel is exciting, yet it’s also a substantial investment. To ensure that you achieve the results you desire without unwanted stress, it’s essential to consider certain key factors.

First and foremost, setting a realistic budget is crucial. You want to have a clear understanding of how much you’re willing to spend on the project, keeping in mind that unexpected costs may arise. It’s common for homeowners to underestimate the expenses involved in a remodel, so having a contingency fund is wise.

You also need to allow for extra time for unforeseen delays. Construction projects often encounter unexpected issues or setbacks, so being flexible with your timeline helps prevent frustration and disappointment.

Selecting an experienced and reputable contractor like Next Home Improvements can greatly influence the success of your project. Their expertise and commitment to quality workmanship can turn your vision into reality while minimizing potential hiccups along the way.

For instance, Next Home Improvements’ team of skilled installers receive ongoing training to ensure efficient and expert installations. This level of dedication helps maintain a smooth and successful remodeling process, providing homeowners with peace of mind.

Prioritizing quality and functionality in design choices is another fundamental aspect. While aesthetics are important, ensuring that the materials and components offer durability and functionality is crucial for long-term satisfaction with your remodeled space.

Additionally, considering the practical use of space can lead to more efficient designs. Tailoring the layout to suit your specific needs and daily routines will enhance both the usability and enjoyment of your new bathroom.

By considering these essential tips and partnering with a trusted contractor like Next Home Improvements, you can navigate the remodeling process smoothly and lay the foundation for a rewarding outcome that enhances your home.